Minä Nepalissa
Me in Annapurna reqion in Nepal in 2001.

Travel bug has bitten me a long time ago. As a child travelling meant travelling in car in different parts of Finland with my family and my only experieces of foreign countries before I turned 18 were some detours in Sweden and Norway on the car trips.

When I turned 18 I had a chance to travel to Canary Islands with Pyhäjärven Mieswoimistelijat which is a group of guys performing traditional male gymnastics (for fun). We did several trips over the years with that group including a trip to Florida. My first independent trip was a car trip around Europe with two of my study friends in 1993. That opened the flood gates.

My longest trip has been couple months long round-the-world trip in 1997. My travel story on that trip as well as on trips to Tanzania/Kenya and Nepal are only in Finnish but links to picture galleries of those trips can be found below.

Lots of other trips have been done over the years. I think I've visited approx. 40 countries in 6 continents. I like mountains and have travelled to lots of different mountain regions over the years. I also like cities but beach holidays are not for me.

I've also done some business travels over the years and have also lived in London at one point.

My travel pictures

Round-the-world picture archive (1997)

I have written quite lenghty travel story from our round the world trip but unfortunately the story is only in Finnish. I have however collected some of the travel pictures in the picture archive which can be found by clicking the above link. During our trip we went to the USA, Peru, Fidji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia/Bali and Singapore.

Tanzania and Kenya (+London) (2000)

During that trip I went to a safari and did a six days trek to the peak of Africa's highest mountain Kilimanjaro (5895 m). The travel story is available only in Finnish but the pictures can be found in the picture archive.

Nepal (2001)

I was in Nepal for one month in November/December 2001. During that time I did the Annapurna Circuit trek which took 16 days. The picture archive can be found here.