GTA introduction

Alfa Romeo has produced models carrying the GTA-moniker from 1960ies to 1990ies. However in the beginning of the twentieth century Alfa didn't have any models bearing GTA name in production. This changed when Alfa introduced the 156 GTA for model year 2002. Two model variations were made available, the 156 GTA sedan and 156 GTA SW station wagon. Both models had the same 3.2 liter V6 engine with 250 BHP.

Alfa 156 GTA

One year after the introduction of the 156 GTA models Alfa introduced the 147 GTA during the Paris Auto Show in autumn 2002. Also this model had the same 3.2 liter engine as the 156 GTA models.

147 GTA

Technically the Alfa 147 GTA is based on the 156 GTA and there are no significant differences on the technical side. Probably the biggest difference is the fact that 147 GTA has VDC-electronic stability program as standard equipment which is not available even as an option to the 156 GTA. Alfa 147 GTA is slightly smaller car than the 156 and this naturally has an effect on the characteristics of the car. The weight difference of the cars is approx. 100 kg.

The performance figures of the 147 GTA are quite impressive for such a small car. The top speed is 246 km/h and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 6.3 seconds.

There are numerous technical differences between the GTA and the "normal" 147 models. The engine is the obvious difference but the GTA also has uprated brakes and suspension.

The 147 GTA has pretty good standard equipment including the VDC electronic stability program, dual zone climate control system, 17" wheels and cruise control. There are however some equipment which are included in the 156 GTA equipment list but missing from 147 GTA standard equipment. The leather interior and the xenon lights are among these features.

The inside view of the 147 GTA.

In Finland there are some 156 GTA and 156 GTA SW models. The 147 GTA is much rarer sight in Finland since besides my car there is most likely only one other 147 GTA in Finland. That one is a black 2004 model.