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Abarth has been sold

My Abarth has now been sold and there are no new updates expected to these pages. I still have some Abarth stuff since the small artist on the family painted this Abarth painting to me as a christmas present. More art from Essi can be found on Essi's Art Shop.


My Abarth 500: Experiences: 24.7.2011

Bella Italia 2011

In July it was once again time to visit in the traditional italian vehicle meeting Bella Italia in Tammela. It was interesting to see more exotic cars this year compared to previous years. There were approximately 10 Ferrari's plus several Maserati's including a lovely Maserati Bora. In addition to these there were couple of very rare cars on display this time: a Lamborghini Urraco and an Iso Rivolta Lele. My ex Alfa 147 GTA had also arrived to the meeting this year. 

Here are a couple of shots from the meeting. A larger picture can be opened by clicking on the picture.

Bella Italia 2011 - yleiskuva

An overview of Bella Italia 2011 meeting

 A couple of pics from the meeting can be found here.

My Abarth 500: Experiences: 19.2.2011

Winter experiences 2010/2011

Crisp and snowy winter is here and so far the Abarth has survived it quite good. The car has started faultlessly even in the coldest mornings - although the cold morning starts are quite "fresh" since I don't have an additional engine and interior heater in the car.

Abarth 500 moottoritila

A new water pump was installed under warranty due to the leaking of the coolant fluid.

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My Abarth 500: Experiences: 13.9.2010b

Bella Italia 2010

I visited the the traditional italian vehicles meeting Bella Italia once again this July. It gives you a chance to see a lot of different italian vehicles in a nice athmosphere in the Tammela Mansion. The Ferrari club was especially active in this year's meeting. My Abarth managed to get into the story of a Finnish newspaper called Iltalehti during the meeting.

The oldest Fiat in the meeting.

 A couple of pics from the meeting can be found here.

My Abarth 500: Experiences: 13.9.2010

First year - 8,800 km

Shiny and almost new Abarth in May 2009.

The first year of Abarth ownership is behind and I had 8,800 on the clock on 18 May 2010 when the first year had passed. Here is a summary of the experiences during this first year.


My Abarth 500: Experiences: 22.5.2010

Winter experiences

Abarth on a sunny winter day during winter 2010.

The first winter with Abarth is now behind which means that I've got enough experience on how to cope with winter in the Abarth. Here is a summary of some winter related experiences.

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My Abarth 500: Experiences: 2.1.2010

Equipping the Abarth for the winter

Abarth at home in the winter.

As the winter was coming closer it was time to start thinking of the winter tyres and an additional engine and interior heater. I had reserved the 17" esseesse wheels for the winter tyres and I had sold the Michelin summer tyres which originally came with the wheels. I started looking for the winter times well ahead of the time when it would be mandatory to use winter tyres ie. from the beginning of December.

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My Abarth 500: Pics: 2.1.2010

Some winter pictures have been added to the Pictures page.


Abarth 500 special editions

Abarth: Abarth 500: 29.11.2009
Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari and Abarth 500 R3T

Abarth introduced two new special models of the Abarth 500 in autumn 2009. The first one was called Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari and the other was a rally model called Abarth 500 R3T.

Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

More text related to these special edition models can be found here.


My Abarth 500: Experiences: 9.8.2009

Bella Italia 2009

A traditional meeting for Italian vehicles called Bella Italia took place in Tammela in July. I have visited Bella Italia previously with my barchetta and GTA and now it was time to visit the meeting with my Abarth. This year my car received quite a lot of attention since it was on display very close to the entrance at the Ricambi Heikka stand.

A couple of older Abarth's at Bella Italia.

More text and pics can be found here.


My Abarth 500: Experiences: 2.8.2009


First 2,500 kms

At the moment the Abarth has approx. 2,500 km on the clock ie. I've had a chance to gather some experience on the car and based on the experiences so far the car is good fun. The Abarth is surprisingly jolly companion on the longer journeys since the performance of the car is good even on the motorway speeds. The slight bumpiness of the suspension can however have negative effect on the driving comfort in some situations. On the positive side it is worth mentioning that the brakes have good feel and they are easy to modulate.

The car and the esseesse crate at home. The crate contains firewood at the moment.

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My Abarth 500: Importing the car2.8.2009

The taxation and registration

Once I arrived to Finland it was time to start the taxation and registration process of the car. Firstly I had to fill a registration tax declaration form and an application for temporary Finnish registration plates. These had to be returned to the Customs office in Lahti.

Abarth on the Finnish plates at home.

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My Abarth 500: Pics: 2.6.2009

More pictures of my Abarth added to the pages. New pics can be found here.



My Abarth 500: Pics: 22.5.2009

More pics of my Abarth 500 can be found here.


My Abarth 500: Importing the car: 22.5.2009

The trip to pick up the car

The car arrived at the dealer in early May which was in keeping with the estimated delivery time. Due to the busy schedules caused by moving into another apartment the earliest possible time for me to pick up the car was the week starting on 18 May 2009. Therefore we reserved flights to Vienna via Hamburg on 16 May 2009 and the plan was to pick up the car on Monday 18 May.

Prior to picking up the car we spent some time in Vienna with the wife and on Monday morning we took the train from Vienna to Graz. Herr Damisch was waiting for us on the train station when we arrived to Graz and he drove us to the Autohaus Damisch on an red Abarth 500 esseesse. My car was waiting for me inside the Autohaus.

A new Abarth 500 waiting for its owner.

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Pertti's Abarth 500 esseesse pages opened on 5 April 2009

Abarth : Latest stories: 5.4.2009
Pertti's Abarth 500 esseesse pages have been opened on 5 April 2009. These pages contain stories related to Abarth and more specifically to the Abarth 500. I've ordered my Abarth 500 esseesse at the end of March 2009 and I'm planning to gather info and stories related to that model to these pages. At the moment there is info related to the following topics:

More text related to the following topics will be added later:

Later on more updates can be expected especially to the experiences pages where I'm planning to share my Abarth 500 experiences once I've collected my car.

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