My Megane RS Trophy: Idea: 31 March 2012

It was time to start thinking about the replacement to my Abarth 500 esseesse in early 2011 even though the change was scheduled for 2012. Abarth was put on sale in the spring of 2011, and at the same time I began looking for alternatives as its replacement. If Alfa Romeo would’ve managed to put the Mito GTA concept car for sale that would’ve been a perfect car for me. Unfortunately the Mito GTA has never managed to make it past the concept stage.

Abarth 500 esseesse

My previous Abarth 500 esseesse.

Amongst the alternatives which I considered were a used Lotus Elise or Porsche Boxster, but I also looked for other options. A few foreign car magazines had raved about how good the latest generation Renault Megane RS was and especially the car's driveability received a lot of praise. So the Megane RS sounded like a viable option but at the same time I felt that it was a little bit too large and heavy car for my needs and desires. A Clio RS would’ve been more fitting to my requirements but somehow the Megane RS felt more appealing to me.

Megane RS

Megane RS.

Official Megane RS imports to Finland began in summer 2011 and I test drove a two examples at that time. The conclusion after the test drives was that the Megane RS was indeed very good to drive but the low down torque of the engine was not the best possible. I had a lot of experience on a similar 250 horsepower hot hatch since I’ve owned an Alfa 147 GTA previously. My Renault history consists of a one Clio 16V -94 which I owned at the beginning of the century.

Clio 16V

Unfortunately I don't have better pictures of my old Clio 16V.

The summer went by but I had not yet managed to sell the Abarth. That wouldn’t have been a problem but unfortunately Finnish Goverment had plans to raise the already very high car registration taxes here in Finland. The tax rises would mean approx. 3,000 euro higher registration taxes for the Megane RS if the car would be registered after 1 January 2012.

I finally managed to sell the Abarth at the end of November 2011 and at that point it was already known that the date for the car tax increases had changed from the year-end to the 1 April 2012. That gave me a little bit more time for the purchase of a new car. At this point, I was clearly mentally locked to buying a Megane RS.

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