Tanzania, Kenya and London


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Down below you can find some pictures from my trip to Tanzania, Kenya and London. During that trip I was in a five day safari and I also trekked to the top of Kilimanjaro. By clicking the thumbnails you can see the larger pictures. If you click the "Previous picture" button you will be transferred to the previous picture page.  The "Next picture" button gets you to the next picture page. NOTE! The "Picture archive" button takes you to the finnish version of the picture archive. 

1. Planning and preparation

2. Helsinki-Nairobi-Arusha, 2.-7.8.2000


2.1. A view from Arusha with Mt. Meru on the background.

2.2. City of Arusha.

2.3. My travelling companion Kirsti in Arusha.

2.4. Our host Eddy and his new place where he is going to bulid a house.



3. Safari, 8.-12.8.2000

3.1. Me on a camping site.

3.2. A blue monkey.

3.3. An elephant.

3.4. Wait a minute there's another elephant running towards us.

3.5. ...luckily it turned away.

3.6. A rush hour in Lake Manyara.

3.7. A whole family of elephants.

3.8. Some giraffes in the distance.

3.9. Hippos swimming in the lake.

3.10. One of the few places where he were allowed to step outside of our car.

3.11. A couple of zebras.

3.12. A group of baboons.

3.13. Kirsti admiring the view down to Lake Manyara.

3.14. A lunch break in the middle of Serengeti.

3.15. An unknown lizard in Naabi Hill.

3.16. Savannah seen from Naabi Hill.

3.17. Me, Irish Kieran and little birds in Naabi Hill.

3.18. Topi antelopes on a lunch break.

3.19. A lonely hyena.

3.20. A mother leopard and its puppys.

3.21. Same mother leopard running behind its puppys.

3.22. A leopard puppy running away from its mother right next to our car.

3.23. We also saw some hippos during the day.

3.24. More topi antelopes.

3.25. Our camping site in Seronera.

3.26. Lions.

3.27. A vulture in the tree.

3.28. Same bird.

3.29. A bird eating a rodent.

3.30. Our lunch break with monkeys trying to steal some food.

3.31. Lots of small gazelles.

3.32. A gifaffe eating the upper branches.

3.33. Another giraffe running across the road.

3.34. Tiny dikdik's.

3.35. Yet another zebras.

3.36. An ostrich running.

3.37.A "sausage tree".

3.38. Antelopes in the shade.

3.39. A topi antolope standing straight.

3.40. ...and some very excited tourists.

3.41. A giraffe trying to sit down.

3.42. Kopje

3.43. A staring contest with buffalo.

3.44. Sunset in the savannah.

3.45. Our dinner table.

3.46. A lion couple feeling lazy.

3.47. A lion hunting party.

3.48. The same lions near our cars.

3.49. Me and one of the lions.

3.50. More participants of the hunting party.

3.51. A monkey in the tree.

3.52. Yet another lion.

3.53. Logs...no they are crocodiles.

3.54. Wait a minute, there was a hippo just a second ago.

3.55. Now you can see some hippos.

3.56. Kirsti, me and hippos.

3.57. A leopard enjoying life.

3.58. A refreshing camping site on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater.

3.59. Views down to the crater.

3.60. Noah's ark.

3.61. Antelopes.

3.62. Ex-buffalo.

3.63. Even more ex-animal.

3.64. A herd of gnu antelopes.

3.65. A close view of some zebras.

3.66. An overview of the crater.

3.67. A monkey in a tree.



4. Arusha, 13.-15.8.2000

5. Kilimanjaro trek, 16.-21.8.2000

5.1.The beginning of an adventure.

5.2. A place for last minute shopping in the village of Marangu.

5.3. Me and the sign at the start of the trek.

5.4. Me and our guide at the last stretch of rainforest along the way.

5.5. Kirsti walking somewhere there.

5.6. Horombo Hut area seen from above.

5.7. Lots of porters in Horombo.

5.8. A view from saddle to Mawenzi.

5.9. A view to Uhuru Peak from the same place as the previous picture.

5.10. Me feeling amazed while looking at the fast moving clouds.

5.11. Me and the glacier at the top of Uhuru Peak.

5.12. Me and the sign of Gilman's Point.

5.13. Kirsti with the same sign.

5.14. On the top!

5.15. Another picture of me on the top.

5.16. ...and a third one.

5.17. Same glacier as the one in the picture number 5.11.

5.18. ...and another picture from the same spot.

5.19. Another glacier inside the crater.

5.20. The moment just before the sunrise.

5.21. Kirsti and our guide Edward arriving to the peak.

5.22. Kirsti on the top.

5.23. A view from the saddle towards the route which takes to the top.

5.24. A view from the saddle to the Uhuru Peak.

5.25. Me walking down in a good mood.

5.26. The boy which had the mountain sickness is being taken down in a stretchers.

5.27. Me and the peak as seen from the altitude of around 4,000 metres.

5.28. Vegetation near Horombo Hut.

5.29. Our hut in Horombo.

5.30. A rare moment - a cloudless view down to the valley.

5.31. A last glimpse of the Uhuru Peak.

5.32. Back to the beginning.

5.33. A certificate which proves that you have been to the top.

6. From Arusha to Nairobi, 22.-23.8.2000

7. London, 24.-28.8.2000