Pertti and Mika Round the World 4.1.-8.5.1997

Travel story

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1. Introduction:

Down below you can find some pictures from our round the world trip during the first part of 1997. By clicking the thumbnails you can see the larger pictures. If you click the "Previous picture" button you will be transferred to the previous picture page.  The "Next picture" button gets you to the next picture page. The route map of our trip is also in Finnish. NOTE! The "Picture archive" button takes you to the finnish version of the picture archive. 

2. East Coast of the USA 4.1.-15.1.1997:

2.1. The first picture at the Helsinki airport

2.2. The Times Square (New York)

2.3. Our room at the Hostel (New York)

2.4. The New York Stock Exchange

2.5. The southern tip of the Manhattan (New York)

2.6. The Statue of Liberty

2.7. Frozen trees right next to the Niagara Falls

2.8. The Niagara Falls seen from a distance

2.9. The Niagara Falls seen from the Canadian side

2.10. The Niagara Falls seen from the Canadian side 2

2.11. The Jefferson Memorial, our rental car, me and the australian girl Jo (Washington)

2.12. The Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool (Washington)

2.13. Jo and I inside the Washington Monument (Washington)

2.14. The Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool (Washington)

2.15. Lincoln himself inside his monument (Washington)

2.16. The White House (Washington)

2.17. Dinnertime (Long Branch, NJ)


3. Peru 16.1.-15.2.1997:

3.1. Huts in Lima

3.2. The hallways of Santa Catalina monastery (Arequipa)

3.3. Mika getting his shoes shined (Arequipa)

3.4. Monotonous highlands on the way to Puno

3.5. Local taxi driver (Puno)

3.6. Me in a reefboat near the Uros islands (Puno)

3.7. The local souvenir saleslady in the Uros islands (Puno)

3.8. The biggest of the islands in Uros (Puno)

3.9. Mika and the chullpas burial tower (Puno)

3.10. Inside the train on the way from Puno to Cuzco

3.11.A short break (Puno-Cuzco)

3.12. The construction art of the Incas (Cuzco)

3.13. Mika leaning to the wall which is built by Incas (Cuzco)

3.14. Oveview of the Sacsayhuaman (Cuzco)

3.15. The wall in Sacsayhuaman and a dworf standing next to it (Cuzco)

3.16. The fountain of youth in Tambo Machay (Cuzco)

3.17. The Ollantaytambo (Cuzco)

3.18. Us full of enthusiasm at the starting point of the Inca Trail

3.19. A break with a German and an Australian couple (Inca Trail)

3.20. Snow! (Inca Trail)

3.21.  Warmiwañusca, the highest point of the Inca Trail (4.2 km)

3.22. Ruins along the way 1 (Inca Trail)

3.23. Ruins along the way 2 (Inca Trail)

3.24. Views along the way (Inca Trail)

3.25. Our camping site (Inca Trail)

3.26. Lush vegetation on the way down (Inca Trail)

3.27. A first view to the Machu Picchu (Inca Trail)

3.28. Us and the Machu Picchu (Inca Trail)

3.29. Lamas or alpacas near the Machu Picchu (Inca Trail)

3.30. Us and a Peruvian girl Lilian on a mountain next to Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu)

3.31. Views near the Machu Picchu

3.32. The Machu Picchu 1

3.33. The Machu Picchu 2

3.34. Dinner at the Chez Maggy´s (Cuzco)

3.35. Our friend Carmen with her family (Lima)

3.36. Sculptures in the underground tunnel of Chavín de Huántar

3.37. A hill in Yuangay where few of the survivors of the big earthquake in 1970 escaped.

3.38. The remains of a church tower in Yungay

3.39. The Lake Llanganuco

3.40. The Huascaran somewhere behind the clouds

3.41. More mountains around the Lake Llanganuco

3.42. Election commercials near Lima

3.43. A viewpoint to the Japanese embassy where  terrorists held hostages (Lima)



4. The West Coast of the USA 20.2.-7.3.1997:


4.1. The Hoover Dam in its glory

4.2. Another picture of the dam

4.3. Sunset on Grand Canyon

4.4. There was lots of snow on the way down to the Grand Canyon

4.5. Overview of the Grand Canyon

4.6. Views along the way (Grand Canyon)

4.7. There must an Indian ambush waiting on the other side of the rocks (Grand Canyon)

4.8. The Colorado river and me (Grand Canyon)

4.9. Tired but happy hikers back on the edge of the canyon (Grand Canyon)

4.10 Overview of the canyon (Grand Canyon)

4.11. Zabriskie Point (Death Valley)

4.12. Our rental Subaru between the snowbanks in Sequoia National Park

4.13. A group of sequoia trees (Sequoia National Park)

4.14. A fallen sequoia tree (Sequoia National Park)

4.15. A giant Sequoia tree and 191 cm tall midget (Sequoia National Park)

4.16. A view from a Finnish forest during  wintertime? (Sequoia National Park)

4.17. Mt. Whitney

4.18. A view from the Agueberry Point to the Mt. Whitney (Death Valley)

4.19. A view to the Badwater from the same footsteps as the previous picture (Death Valley)

4.20. A dead man on the sand dunes (Death Valley)

4.21. The Devil's Golf Course and me (Death Valley)

4.22. Badwater -86 m (Death Valley)

4.23. The colourful rocks of the Artist's Palette (Death Valley)

4.24. Rock climbing on Death Valley

4.25. Entrance of the Flamingo Casino (Las Vegas)

4.26. The turning point of the cable car (San Francisco)

4.27. Sunbathing sealions (San Francisco)

4.28 The Island of Alcatraz (San Francisco)

4.29. The jail cell of Al Caponen (San Francisco)

4.30. Me and the Golden Gate bridge (San Francisco)

4.31. The Golden Gate bridge (San Francisco)

4.32. Me on the forests of Marin County (San Francisco)

4.33. Another view from the Marin County (San Francisco)

4.34. A view from Marin County overlooking San Francisco

4.35. The Transamerica Pyramid and some older building (San Francisco)

4.36. Curvaceous Lombard St. (San Francisco)

4.37. A happy driver with his rental Ford Tempo (Los Angeles)

4.38. The famous Hollywood sign (Los Angeles)

4.39. The Walk of Fame in Hollywood (Los Angeles)

4.40. You can't find used cars like this in FInnish car dealerships (Los Angeles)

4.41. One of the many rollercoasters in the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park (Los Angeles)

4.42. Yet another rollercoaster (Los Angeles)

4.43. Unclear picture of the refugee danger sign near the Mexican border (San Diego)

4.44.Streetlife in Tijuana, Mexico

4.45. The Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego)

4.46. Houston, we have a problem! (Los Angeles)

4.47. The Delorean time machine from the Back to the Future movie could be seen in the Universal Studios (Los Angeles)

4.48. The Waterworld show (Los Angeles)

4.49. Me and Betty Boo in the Universal Studios (Los Angeles)

4.50.The  Venice Beach (Los Angeles)


5. Fidzi 8.3.-11.3.1997:


5.1. Hurricane! (Nadi)

5.2. A streetview from Nadi after the hurricane

5.3. Local transportation (Nadi)

5.4. The hut of the village chief in Viseisei

5.5. A view from the terrace of our hotel (Nadi)


6. New Zealand 12.3.-31.3.1997:


6.1. A Maori totem pole outside the Waitomo Caves (Waitomo)

6.2. Hmm...I wonder where this part belongs to? (Rotorua)

6.3. 15 min later a proud owner of a new tent (Rotorua)

6.4. A large maori building in Ohinemutu (Rotorua)

6.5. One of the many geysirs in Whaka (Rotorua)

6.6. Pohutu resting (Rotorua)

6.7. The eruption of Pohutu (Rotorua)

6.8. Pohutu pictured from a distance (Rotorua)

6.9. A mudspring in Whaka (Rotorua)

6.10. A clear spring in Whaka (Rotorua)

6.11. Weary travellers resting their muscles in the Polynesian Spa's (Rotorua)

6.12. Lots of sheeps along the biking trip (Taupo)

6.13. Me cycling (Taupo)

6.14. Waitomo River immediately after the opening of the dam (Taupo)

6.15. Overview of the Craters of the Moon (Taupo)

6.16. Mist everywhere in the Craters of the Moon (Taupo)

6.17. Overview of the city of Taupo on lake Taupo

6.18. A flyfisherman on the river Waitahanui (Taupo)

6.19. Sauna at last! (Taupo)

6.20. The lilving room of our hostel Bellbird Lodge (Turangi)

6.21. Tongariro River (Turangi)

6.22. Me on the way up on the Tongariro Crossing

6.23. Us on the Tongariro Crossing

6.24. Me and one of the many crater lakes (Tongariro Crossing)

6.25. Mika and the peak of the Mt. Ngauruhoe (Tongariro Crossing)

6.26. Colourful mountains (Tongarifo Crossing)

6.27. On the other side of the mountains weather was much clearer (Tongariro Crossing)

6.28. Cable car in Wellington

6.29. Overview of Wellington seen from a ferry

6.30. A first glimpse of the South Island

6.31. The city of Nelson

6.32. At the starting point of the Abel Tasman Track

6.33. One of the many deserted beaches along the Abel Tasman Track

6.34. Crossing the Awaroa Bay (Abel Tasman Track)

6.35. The Awaroa Bay before... (Abel Tasman Track)

6.36. ...and after seen from the other side (Abel Tasman Track)

6.37. A short break (Abel TGasman Track)

6.38. It's me somewhere there in a lush forest (Abel Tasman Track)

6.39. MIka walking along the suspension bridge (Abel Tasman Track)

6.40. Mika and an american girl Janine at the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki

6.41. Pancake rocks (Punakaiki)

6.42. Lunch at the hostel (Franz Josef Glacier)

6.43. A waterfall near the end of the Franz Josef Glacier

6.44. Mika standing between the iceblocks (Franz Josef Glacier)

6.45. The Franz Josef Glacier seen from the Christmas Lookout

6.46. Lunch at the Christmas Lookout (Franz Josef Glacier)

6.47. Mika, the american girl Janine, the french guy Olivier and me at the bus station in Franz Josef Glacier

6.48. Views near Queenstown

6.49. The bungy jump site (Queenstown)

6.50. Me on the bridge ready to jump (Queenstown)

6.51.Me going down fast (Queenstown)

6.52. After the jump I was lowered down to the riverbank (Queenstown)

6.53. A break on the way to the Milford Sound

6.54. One of the many waterfalls in  Milford Sound

6.55. The Mitre Peak in its glory (Milford Sound)

6.56. A group photo on the ferry (Milford Sound)

6.57. The mountains rising from the Milford Sound

6.58. Another waterfall (Milford Sound)

6.59. Te Anau seen from the mountain

6.60. Hey, the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

6.61. A view from the Ben Lomond to Queenstown

6.62. A view to west from the Ben Lomond

6.63. Mount Cook somewhere in the distance

6.64. The streets of Christchurch



7. Australia 1.4.-23.4.1997:

7.1. Cadman's Cottage, the oldest building in Sydney

7.2. The Opera House (Sydney)

7.3. The Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

7.4. The Opera House seen from the Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

7.5. Downtown and Circular Quay seen from the Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

7.6. The Manly Beach (Sydney)

7.7. A fine view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

7.8. A closer view of the Opera House (Sydney)

7.9. The Botanic Gardens (Sydney)

7.10. The carnival in Surfers Paradise

7.11. Indy racing in Surfers Paradise

7.12. The winning car of Scott Pruett after the race (Surfers Paradise)

7.13. The beach in Surfers, not bad!

7.14. Me and two parking meter assistants (Surfers Paradise)

7.15. Mika and our rental car on the way back to Cairns from Daintree

7.16. The streets of Cairns

7.17. Our hostel in Darwin with its luxurious swimming pool

7.18. A view from Ubirr to Arnhem Land (Kakadu National Park)

7.19. The rock paintings of the Aboriginals in Ubirri (Kakadu National Park)

7.20. The Nourlangie Rock (Kakadu National Park)

7.21. Crocodile warning sign in Yellow Water (Kakadu National Park)

7.22. US in a swimming hole in Maguk (Kakadu National Park)

7.23. Our rental Suzuki (Kakadu National Park)

7.24. A swimming hole in Gunlom (Kakadu National Park)

7.25. ...and the same swimming hole seen from the top of the waterfall (Kakadu National Park)

7.26. A bush fire somewhere between Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park

7.27. A giant termite nest in Litchfield

7.28. Me and one english couple (Darwin)

7.29. Downtown Darwin

7.30. Wallabies, a close relative to kangaroo (Darwin)

8. Indonesia/Bali 24.4.-3.5.1997:


8.1. One of the buildings of the Bali Museum (Denpasar)

8.2. More buildings in Bali Museum (Denpasar)

8.3. A merry funeral convoy in Denpasar

8.4. Monkeys in Ubud

8.5. Elegant female dancers (Batubulan)

8.6. A monster (Batubulan)

8.7. A live gamelan band at the dance show (Batubulan)

8.8. A view from the Kintaman to the Gunung Baturille and its crater lake

8.9. Another picture of the mountain in Kintaman

8.10. Beautiful rice terraces near Ubud

8.11. More rice terraces

8.12. A woman in a fancy dress with her children (Ubud)

8.13. One of the many temples in Bali (Ubud)

8.14. A typical landscape in Bali

8.15. Another dance performance in Ubud

8.16. A male dancer hiding behind the mask (Ubud)

8.17. Breakfast was included in the price of this 1.5 eur hotel room (Ubud)

8.18. A Bemo station near Besakih

8.19. Decorations in Besakih

8.20. Those Finnish men in their skirts! (Besakih)

8.21. A view over the roofs of Besakih

8.22. A crowd in Besakih

8.23. One of the many temples between Ubud and Lovina

8.24. Dolphins on the horizon (Lovina)

8.25. Dolphins surrounded by the boats (Lovina)

8.26. Us in a catamaran (Lovina)

8.27. Me resting (Lovina)

8.28. Mika enjoying a swim (Lovina)

8.29. The beach in Kuta

8.30. Traffic jam in Kuta

9. Singapore 4.5.-8.5.1997:


9.1. A view of the Orchard Road (Singapore)

9.2. The Raffles Hotel (Singapore)

9.3. One of the many shopping centres in Singapore

9.4. Another picture of the Orchard Road (Singapore)

9.5. Our tiny hotel (Singapore)

9.6. Travellers ready to go back to Finland (SIngapore)

9.7. In Finland with less stuff to carry



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