Nepal 3.11.-3.12.2001

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Down below you can find some pictures from our trip to Nepal in 2001. By clicking the thumbnails you can see the larger pictures. In the picture pages you can use the next picture and the previous picture buttons to browse the pictures. The main page and picture archive buttons in the picture pages will take you to the Finnish version of the travel story.

1. Preparation

2. Helsinki-Kathmandu

Picture 2.01: Streets in Thamel

    3. Annapurna Circuit trek

Picture 3.01: Our bus in Kathmandu

Picture 3.02: A streetview from Dumre

Picture 3.03: People on top of a bus

Picture 3.04: Me on the starting point of the trek in Besisahar

Picture 3.05: An even stretch of the trek and some small hills

Picture 3.06: A waterfall along the way

Picture 3.07: A mule caravan transporting stuff to the mountain villages

Picture 3.08: Views nearby Bagachhap

Picture 3.09: Last rays of sun

Picture 3.10: One of the first views to the Annapurna Range

Picture 3.11: A closer view of the Annapurna Range

Picture 3.12: The Annapurna Range seen from our lodge

Picture 3.13: Annapurna Range during the sunset

Picture 3.14: It was nice to wake up to this kind of a view

Picture 3.15: Paungda Panuda rocks

Picture 3.16: One of the many suspension bridges along the way

Picture 3.17: Pisang

Picture 3.18: Buddhist prayer wheels in Pisang

Picture 3.19: City of Hongde and its airport.

Picture 3.20: Hongde.

Picture 3.21: Views from the rooftop terrace of our lodge.

Picture 3.22: Peaks near Manang.

Picture 3.23: Lovely views.

Picture 3.24: Our guide Govinda and Sari admiring the view.

Picture 3.25: Me and the city of Manang and couple of small hills on the other side of the valley.

Picture 3.26: Views from the terrace of our lodge in Manang.

Picture 3.27: Trekkers on the way up.

Picture 3.28: Sari and Govinda down in the valley.

Picture 3.29: The guard animal on our lodge had seen better days.

Picture 3.30: Me and lots of prayer flags.

Picture 3.31: Thorong Phedi.

Picture 3.32: More views from the same place as the previous picture.

Picture 3.33: Govinda, Sari and our porter Genra climbing towards High Camp.

Picture 3.34: Views from the peak next to the High Camp.

Picture 3.35: Me on the top of a peak nearby High Camp.

Picture 3.36: Thorong-La is somewhere in the distance.

Picture 3.37: Lovely mountain views from our lodge.

Picture 3.38: Me in Thorong La.

Picture 3.39: The other side of the valley as seen from the Thorong La.

Picture 3.40: A huge prayer wheel in Muktinath.

Picture 3.41: Dhaulagiri sunbathing.

Picture 3.42: A local truck on the streets.

Picture 3.43: Sari and Thorong La somewhere in the distance between two high peaks.

Picture 3.44: Trekkers on the way down.

Picture 3.45: Me and a mystical decorated bush near Kagbeni.

Picture 3.46: An aeroplane taking off at the Jomsom Airport.

Picture 3.47: Our porter Genra resting.

Picture 3.48: Truck caravan transporting goods to the villages.

Picture 3.49: One of the many suspension bridges along the way.

Picture 3.50: Some nice snowy peaks.

Picture 3.51: Yet again a mule caravan.

Picture 3.52: Overview of the valley.

Picture 3.53: Sari, Govinda and Genra admiring a waterfall.

Picture 3.54: A mule caravan on the suspension bridge.

Picture 3.55: Rice terraces.

 Picture 3.56: Our room in Sikha.

Picture 3.57: Peaks.

Picture 3.58: Well fed cows.

Picture 3.59: Me in my own thoughts.

Picture 3.60: At last Annapurna I (8.091 m).

Picture 3.61: Another picture taken from the same place as the previous picture.

 Picture 3.62: Hills.

Picture 3.63: Govinda and Genra smiling - just like they usually were.

Picture 3.64: Lambs were slowing our progress on the last suspension bridge.

Picture 3.65: Road...I think I have heard that word before.

4. Kathmandu and Kathmandu Valley

Picture 4.01: Crowds on the starting point of the mountainbike race.

Picture 4.02: Local beauty queens had also arrived to see the race.

Picture 4.03: Some of the racers turning into the last straight.

Picture 4.04: Unusual reward ceremony taking place.

Picture 4.05: Overview of Kathmandu.

Picture 4.06: Buddhas eyes.

Picture 4.07: Monkeys on the steps leading into the Swayambhunathin temple.

Picture 4.08: More monkeys washing up.

Picture 4.09: Overview of the Durbar Square in Kathmandu. There are lots of birds on the roofs of the temples.

Picture 4.10: Me in a family portrait with a cow which had quite large nose ring. There were lots of these holy cows roaming in the streets of the capital.

Picture 4.11.: More temples on the Durbar Square.

Picture 4.12: Street view in Kathmandu.

Picture 4.13: A temple in Durbar Square in Bhaktabur.

Picture 4.14: More temples in Bhaktabur.

Picture 4.15: Changy Narayan temple.

Picture 4.16: Me at the terrace of our lodge. On the background lovely mountain views and my rental mountainbike.

Picture 4.17: Mandarin break. My biking guide in the middle of the picture.

Picture 4.18: One corner of the Boudha.

Picture 4.19: The familiar eyes of Buddha in Boudha.

Picture 4.20: Durbar Square in Patan.

Picture 4.21: Temples, temples, temples.

Picture 4.22: Monks in one of the temples.

5. Trip home 2.-3.12.2001

6. Overview of the trip