Discussion forums

Alfabbs, the finnish language Alfa discussion forum.

Alfaowner, the english language Alfa discussion forum which has own discussion group for GTA and GT owners., the german language discussion forum. This forum concentrates only on GTA's. There are several 147 GTA owners on the forum., an extensive german language Alfa discussion group. Vivid discussion but the forum doesn't have any discussion group specifically for GTA owners.

Importing the car to Finland

Autohaus MK Maring, the Alfa dealer in Braunschweig Germany which sold me my car. Excellent service.

AutoScout24, very extensive german webpage for searching used cars for sale in Germany.

Mobile, another german used car webpage. Also this has several hundred thousand cars for sale.

Alfadue, the official used car market of Alfa Romeo Germany.

Private 147 GTA pages, Troll's 147 GTA pages. Troll has a beautiful Nuvola White 147 GTA., very stylish Alfa 147 pages which includes pictures of 147 GTA and a 147 GTA review.