- The idea -

The thought of changing my car came to my mind late in the spring 2005 when I had owned my previous car for approx. two years. So far I've changed cars approx. every three years and also this time I set the target to spring 2006 when I would have owned my old barchetta for three years. The barchetta was a two seat cabriolet but the next car would have at least some kind of a rear seat.

My old barchetta.

During spring 2005 I started thinking about different possible cars to buy. Some of the cars which I considered were: Audi TT, VW Golf V GTI DSG, Seat Leon Cupra R and Renault Megane 225.

I had also Alfa GT on my mind. The GT had just arrived to the Finnish market and this meant that the prices of the used GTs for sale in Finland would be too high for me. The car had been available in Germany for more than one year earlier than in Finland and the first used examples would be within my reach. The German GTs would also have better equipment than the Finnish cars. I had seen some GTs in the UK and in central Europe and I had liked the look of the car a lot.

Alfa GT.

During the summer 2005 I started gathering info on the GT and I also looked into importing the car from Germany to Finland. At the same time I kept my eyes open for other possibilities too.

My budget allowed me to look for GT 2.0 JTS models. However I had an opportunity to test drive the 3.2l V6 model and that car was wonderful. 

After I had driven the GT 3.2 V6 I also had a chance to test drive the 2.0 JTS which seemed like a good car. But the V6 had made a lasting impression. The used GT V6 models for sale in Germany were over my budget but luckily there were other Alfas with the same engine.

Back to the drawing board!

The 156 GTA and 147 GTA models had the same V6 engine as the GT. The 156 GTA sedan was not a possibility since carrying a mountain bike inside the car would be very difficult. The 156 station wagon seemed like a good choice since that would satisfy the carrying needs of the whole family.

156 GTA SW.

The 147 GTA also seemed like an interesting option. The size of the car would be adequate but most of all the car has a lots of SOUL!

Alfa 147 GTA in the nature.

In the end the selection was the 147 GTA. The final deciding factor was the fact that our family would still need another car. Due to this fact the load carrying capabilities of the next car were not so critical.

So the next thing to do was to start preparing the purchase of the 147 GTA from Germany.

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