Nepal - Manang

Me in the Annapurna area in Nepal in 2001.

Traveling is nice and it broadens your horizon. My longest trip has been a four month round the world trip in 1997. Other longer trips have included trips to Tanzania/Kenya/London in 2000 and to Nepal in 2001. In addition to these I've also traveled in several other locations in Europe and elsewhere.

My travel pictures:

Round the world picture archive, I have written quite a long travel story from our round the world trip but unfortunately the story is only in Finnish. I have however collected some of the travel pictures in the picture archive which can be found by clicking the above link. During our trip we went to the USA, Peru, Fidji, New Zealand, Australid, Indonesia/Bali and Singapore.

Tanzania, Kenya and London picture archive, during that trip I went to a safari and did a six days trek to the peak of Africa's highest mountain Kilimanjaro (5895 m). The travel story is available only in Finnish but the pictures can be found in the picture archive.

Nepal 2001 picture archive, I was in Nepal for one month in November/December 2001. During that time I did the Annapurna Circuit trek which took 16 days. The picture archive can be found here.